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When your technology thrives, so does your business. 

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 Are you an online business that doesn't want to invest in full time tech support but needs someone to call when you get in a pinch? Or better you want to avoid tech issues altogether?

Ever run into these problems?

✕  You think your automations are operating well, and then you hear from a customer (or worse a POTENTIAL customer) that they didn't receive what you promised.

✕  Your website has the dreaded 404 message and you're not sure why.

✕ Your sales dropped and you realize wayyy too late that it's because your products aren't accessible due to a tech glitch

✕  The links are broken in your funnels.

✕  You don't have the need for a full time tech team but you are tired of having to fix everything on your own

We offer a proactive way to ensure your tech doesn't hold you back!

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Homegrown Collective now offers tech check-ups!

Here's how it works...

We work with you on a checklist of all your tech needs and each month we ensure that everything is checked by our expert tech specialist on the team. She will then send you a sheet with any updates you need to know about, possible recommendations (when applicable) and you'll receive peace of mind that all your tech is working properly!

Here are a few things covered by our tech check-ups:

We will check all website links to ensure they are working properly.
We will test all products, funnels, emails,and checkout pages.
We will keep all tech up-to-date so nothing expires and breaks unknowingly.
If you run into any tech issues, submit a form for fast support!

As a small online business owner, your technology stack is the backbone of your operations, powering everything from your website and online store to crucial integrations and automations. However, even minor tech hiccups can result in lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, and hours of trying to fix things yourself (or stressing out your assistant unnecessarily--and no one wants that!)


Investing in a tech check-up package with Homegrown is a strategic move to safeguard your business's operations and profitability. With regular tech check-ups, you benefit from optimized performance, ensuring that your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

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